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Long Distance Relationship Tips

Keeping the Romance Alive in a Long Distance Relationship Ė 10 tips to keep you on your sweetheartís mind!

Itís hard enough keeping the flames of romance burning when you see each other every day, but when your other half is hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away, the chips are really down to show your loved one how much you care. 
Making someone you canít see regularly know how much you feel about them is difficult, but itís not impossible.  It just requires a bit more time and effort than a normal non-long distance relationship!  However, with a bit of thought, and a few ideas from this article, Iím sure youíll be fanning those flames long after youíre together in one place (and if the relationship is really going anywhere, eventually you do have to both be in the same place!).  See which of these tips work best for you:
  1. Send a handwritten postcard or greetings card once or twice a week.  If you find out she wont get into trouble for receiving it, occasionally send one to her workplace (make sure this one is in an envelope marked Personal and Confidential).
  2. E-cards are usually free.  You can get various types.  Also available are virtual chocolates, virtual bouquets and other goodies.  Create yourself a folder on your computer and make a note of where these are.  Make sure you send your beloved something every other day.
  3. Record a message on cassette and send it to her through the mail.  Recite romantic poetry (yes you can!) or just tell her how much you love and miss her.
  4. Speaking of romantic poetry, send her a book through Amazon, and ask them to write a special message on it.   Better still, actually go and buy this yourself from a bookstore, and write a special message on the inside cover for her.  Skim through the book and find a couple of poems you think are appropriate for her and the feelings you have for her, and dedicate these to her in the margin next to the poems.
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