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What are Pheromones?

The standard pheromone definition is that they are chemicals which influence the behavior or development of others of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex.  The use of pheromones is grounded in solid scientific research.  Many scientific tests have been done to prove the effectiveness of these products on human behaviour.  They are available for both men or women.

Pheromone Research

Some years ago researchers discovered the existence of a small organ in the nose of many animals known as the VNO (which stands for vomeronasal organs).  This organ has a direct effect on social behaviour and attraction which importantly is not dependent on any conditioning through experience but is direct.  The VNO also exists in humans and scientists have undertaken much research has been into the effect of pheromones on humans.

The VNO, which operates separately from the part of our nose that detects normal smells, is thought to have a powerful unconscious effect which some have called a sixth sense.  A number of controlled human studies have shown that pheromones do affect our social behavior, and a growing avalanche of raving pheromone product testimonials also support these findings

One popular research example is of a single mouthpiece which was sprayed in a set of telephones at a railway station.  The number of women using the sprayed telephone increased dramatically.  In another experiment, a seat in a dentist's waiting room was sprayed with pheromones.  Women who came into the room began to use and congregate around the seat.  A number of similar studies have been made in movie theatres, restaurants etc indicating that women will choose to sit in seats that have been sprayed with the pheromone androstenone more often than seats that have not been sprayed.

Another study showed that women will rate photos of men higher if they are given a waft of androstenone whilst looking at the photos. 

According to a female contributor to US Single living, when she tried wearing a pheromone product, one man "was experiencing pheromone-induced passion. That was the day I decided that pheromones really do work. The response was so dramatic, I had to attribute it to the pheromones ... It began raining men, all types."

Where to buy Pheromones

Here at Online Dating Services .info we have found two reliable sources of pheromone colognes and perfumes.  Technically pheromones are neither a cologne or a perfume as they are fragrance free, but in some cases they may be added to colognes and perfumes.

The pheromone products from our featured source are 100% guaranteed.  We recommend that you beware of other sources who do not offer any guarantee.

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