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Whether you're seeking a long term relationship in the online dating services featured on this site, or if you're already in an ongoing loving romance, there are times when you will need to give your love life a jump-strart.  Thanks to permission from Platinum Romance singles and personals service, these great ideas and jewels of advice will keep your relationship sparkling and alive...

Do you fear that sometimes you get bored with your mate and find yourself needing more than just staying at home every Friday and Saturday night with little excitement in your life?  Is life in the bedroom boring, with your TV getting more attention then you?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then it could be time to give your love life a well needed jump-start.  This doesn't necessarily mean you need to go and wrap yourself in plastic wrapping and wait by the door for your partner to get home. More subtle things than this can make a big difference.

Try making dinner and eating at the table tonight (no, not in front of the television)!  This helps to stimulate decent conversation which you don't always get with external distractions like the TV.  A candle on the table could do wonders too.

Have a proper date night every now and then.  If it's not possible to make it once a week then try every second week.  Even going out once a month is better than not at all.  Movie video rentals or DVDs are fine for any other night, but not for date night.  You need to get the two of you away from the potential monotony of the four walls you live inside.  Have a cup of coffee or a drink together - anything as long as you are together.  Talk, not about the children or the bills, but about each other.  Your partner does not know what you are thinking if you don't tell him or her.  Don't make them have to try to be a mind reader!

Buy some satin sheets or anything different for the bedroom.  Bear in mind that red and peach are psychologically romantic colors - add something in these colors to the bedroom.

Initiate making love!  If you don't usually make the first move, this can be a big turn on for your partner.  Just pounce on them when they arrive home.  It works every time!

Real true honest gentle love doesn't die, but unfortunately it can go very stale over time, leading to distance between two people if care is not taken.

A long term relationship does take work and many people simply don't realise that.  Recapture some of the romance back into your lives.  And hopefully the advice here will help you'll live happily ever after!

Good Luck!.

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