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Why use Online Dating Services?

In this fast paced modern world, finding the right partner can be fraught with difficulties.  Work place romances can sometimes seem a possibility, but there is always the fear of this type of advance being taken the wrong way and interpreted as harassment, thus leading into all sorts of embarrassing problems.  In addition, with a boss looking over your shoulder it is often difficult to engage in anything which resembles a conversation without being told to be quiet and concentrate on your work.

Going out to find romance can be just as problematic.  Firstly there is the danger factor.  If you go out alone, who knows who you could bump into.  Pubs and clubs may just not be your scene, and even if they are, you can accidentally end up chatting to someone whose partner is on the other side of the room.  You can find yourself getting chatted up by someone who your heart says really isn't right for you, but "hey, there's no other single folks here so he/she will do to talk to for now"... not the most romantic of scenarios.  And if clubs are not your type of entertainment, then just where do you go to find real romance?

Online dating services take all of the problems out of the quest for the right partner.  You can find someone who truly shares your interests and will be the right one for you.  The popularity of using these services is rapidly increasing as people recognize the advantages, and this popularity means that the choice of partners is so wide that the old saying, there's someone out there for everybody, really does become a possibility.

Find a Partner with Online Dating Services is an international dating service which has a very large membership base, many of which include photos.  Once you sign in with basic free membership, the search features are very extensive, with far more searchable options than on their home page.  You can search on someone's personality, location, distance from you and much more.  One of the nice features is that the profiles show the last time any particular member actually visited the site, which allows you to know whether they are still active in their search for a partner.  Once you find someone you are interested in, you can show an interest in them which will show up next time they visit the site (full members can send a direct email).  Another nice aspect is that you can see who is actually online at the same time as you (which seems to sort online users by their closeness to you), plus you can search for people with a birthday today.  Full membership allows you access to communities and chat, plus additional features.  To give you an idea of the large number of members, when we tested the site, over 650 females were online at that very same time, and over 200 ladies had birthdays on that particular day.  The navigation and site is very easy to use and highly recommended.  Check out online dating services at

Despite its name, the American Singles website caters for single women and men from all over the world.  Their site has over 5 million members, with over 10,000 extra joining every day.  The searchable facilty on their home page before you join is just the bare bones of the full search facilities available once you do become a member.  As well as the usual singles ads and photo personals, included in the members area is a singles chat room, dating advice columns, romantic tips, stories from members who have found love through their service and a large humour section with some very funny stuff.  Their search engine reqests that you be quite specific about the location of people who you are looking for.  This is ideal and helpful if you are very specific about finding a partner from a particular city, but can slightly slow down the process of finding someone if you're not too concerned about location.

It is worth signing up to Platinum Romance to check out their online dating services.  Their free trial allows you extensive use of their site.  Their search feature is free and other interesting features include the ability to see who is online at the same time as you.  There is also a new feature they have added to the site, called Cupid's Match, which enables you to immediately send a message to your best matches in their  database, based on search criteria which you input.  Members profiles can include multiple photos.

Metro Date singles resource is a great looking site which is fast, easy to navigate and use, and has some very nice aspects to it.  Free membership includes your own personal ad, to which you have the options to add your photo and a voice message.  You also can search and browse personals ads, use their chat room with private messages, and other dating resources.  There is an easy step by step joining process which only takes a few minutes and helps you to create a good profile of yourself.  The site includes extra interestng featues like Romance Polls so you can see the aggregated views of other members on a number of diverse dating related subjects.  They seem to have a high number of members in countries worldwide (164 people were online at the time we reviewed the website), so you should have a good choice of potential partners.

The Metro Date website was created by single adults who say they understand how frustrating it can be to meet other quality people.  Many of their services are free, and the site uses a versatile token system for contacting other members.  Tokens can be used to send messages to personal profiles that you are interested in. The people you contact can reply for free, and you can send them additional messages for free!  It just takes 1 token to get things going.   You can choose from a number of different options to obtain tokens, and you can even get some tokens free for performing certain actions on the site.   This is the bit that I particularly like.  If you wish to buy tokens, instead of opting for a monthly (or quarterly or yearly) fee, you can simply make a one-off purchase of, for example, 10 tokens at a very low cost.  By just buying 10 tokens in this example, you will never be billed again (unless you decde buy more tokens), and the tokens will not expire, so there is no time limit to how long you have to use them.  As an altrnative to buying individual tokens, you can choose 2 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly premium membership which allow you to send messages to an unlimited number of potential partners.  They'll even throw in a free t-shirt if you join their yearly service.

Another interesting feature is MetroDate's personalized matches.  When you order a match their state-of-the-art database program reviews your answers to their questions and locates the people with whom you are most compatible. The program reviews all the information, public and private, to determine the best possible matches. The matches are then reviewed by one staff member to assure compatibility requirements have been met.  MetroDate guarantees that the matches made through this very personalized matchmaking process will be based on compatible backgrounds, values, interests, and/or preferences. There is a satisfaction guarantee on the matches through this system, and any connection found to be poorly conceived will be replaced with a free match.

Other Useful Services and Sites

Daily Horoscope and Astrological Compatibility Reports  Find out whether today is likely to be a good time for romance at Springfrog's Free Daily Horoscope page.  You can also get astrological compatibility reports to see if your potential partner is likely to be a suitable match for you.

Give your potential partner a pleasant surprise with animated online greetings cards at Piglette.  Hundreds of different designs are available for you to choose from, including a great range of java cards.  This kind of special touch can tip the balance of romance firmly in your favor.  Piglette also offers a nice range of flowers and gifts to buy online, so that when you do find true romance you can send that special person something wonderful to celebrate your love.

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