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Making Every Date Perfect Every Time

Making Every Date Perfect Every Time  By Mary M. Alward

Are you looking forward to a date with someone new; or maybe you need planning a date for someone youíve been dating for months. Well, now  you can have a perfect date every time you take your special someone out. 

Take Notice

As soon as you lay eyes on your date, tell them how special they look. Women love to be told how gorgeous they are and men love to feel that they look their best. Be complimentary and take notice of how your lover has prepared for your date. Has you date changed her hair? Has he bought a new suit? Chose something specific and make a nice comment.

Be Unique
Donít go down the same old path on every date. Surprises keep a relationship alive. If youíre going out to dinner, make a reservation at a unique restaurant. Possibly your date would enjoy going to an international restaurant where they have a very wide variety of foods to chose from, or, take your date to a restaurant where the chef prepares the entire meal at the table.

If you are having a fun night out, take your special someone for a drive into the country and wade in a stream; chase fireflies through a meadow or park, or park on a bluff overlooking a river and stargaze. Use your imagination so your dates donít become humdrum. 

Clean your Car

Whether youíre a man or a woman, having a clean car is important if youíre using it for transportation on your date. Wash and vacuum it thoroughly. Wash the windows and clean the dashboard, console etc. Hide a couple of dryer sheets under the seats to give your vehicle a fresh, clean smell. Puta little soft music into your stereo system to set the mood.

Take a Flower

Yes, I said flower, not flowers. Donít take a bouquet. Take one single bloom. If your date has a favorite flower, stop at the floristís and pick up a single stem. If you donít know your dateís favorite flower, take an orchid or a pink or white rose to a woman; for a man, a sunflower or chrysanthemum in a masculine shade of rust or bronze. When you present the flower to your date, tell them the meaning of the flower. Meanings of flowers can be easily found online, or if you donít have time to look it up, ask the florist where you purchase it.


When your champagne or wine is served during dinner, make a toast. A simple, ďto us,Ē is sufficient. If youíve been together for a long time ďmay we have many more happy years together,Ē is always nice. 

Undivided Attention

Give your date your undivided attention. Make them feel like the two of you are the only two people on earth. Gaze into your dateís eyes and say something romantic to make your date feel special.


Use good manners. Donít belch after youíve eaten. Open and hold doors, take your dateís elbow and show small courtesies. Good etiquette will help you score points. 


Be certain to show interest in the things that are important to your date. Ask questions about their career, the sports they like, their likes and dislikes, their favorite music, movie star or singer. 

To Kiss or Not to Kiss?

If your date has made eye contact throughout the night and seems interested in you, a goodnight kiss may be in order. Hold your date close and kiss them on the cheek. If they respond positively, a more intimate kiss may be in order. 

Another Date?

If both of you have had a great time and everything has gone well, ask the person if you can call to arrange another special time together. When the next date is set up, take time to plan something unique to do together. Everyone likes to be treated special and uniqueness sparks romance.

I hope you've had some help to make every date perfect with Mary's advice on this page.  Check out Online Dating's dating tips page for more ideas and information to help you with your very first date.
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