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Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Keeping the Romance Alive in a Long Distance Relationship – 10 tips to keep you on your sweetheart’s mind!

On the previous page, Katie-Anne discussed the first part of her helpful long distance relationship tips.  Here we present the second part of Katies advice for you if you are separated by the miles from your loved one. 
  1. Have a special telephone code.  Perhaps at 8am every morning or 10pm every evening you ring your other half and let her phone ring 3 times, and then hang up.  Your partner will either start or end her day knowing that you were thinking about her.
  2. Find out what newspapers they read and arrange to have a small ad placed in it telling her how special you think she is. 
  3. Write, or ring, to the radio station she listens to in the car driving from work, and ask their drive-time show to play “your tune” especially for her from you.
  4. Arrange to meet-up at a distance half-way between you for a weekend if this is logistically possible.
  5. Buy your partner something they can wear everyday, such as a watch or a necklace.  Make sure you hold this before you wrap it up so that they can touch it and know that you touched it too.  The physical connection of touch is very important in a long distance relationship.
  6. Never leave your partner without first fixing up the date when you will be together next.  Something to work towards.
Although the article refers to the “loved one” as she, this can work equally as well the other way around. 

Long distances relationships are difficult.  There are a lot of security and trust issues, not to mention the lack of physical contact, but if the chemistry’s right, and you’re meant to be together, then with a little extra work, the relationship will last until it becomes a permanent relationship with you both in the same place.

Katie-Anne Gustafsson, 2005

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